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Oat Raisin Keecha (Ethiopian Flatbread)


I already have another variation of a keecha that I posted a few months ago.  This is a variation of one my mom made me not too long ago. She made hers with teff flour, sorgham flour, gluten free oats, and cranberries. used quinoa and teff flours (my favorite combination), gluten free oats, flax seeds, cinnamon, and raisins. I love the heartiness of the oats, the crunch of the flax seeds, the sweetness of the raisins, and cinnamon.  I used to love cinnamon raisin bread when I used to eat wheat bread, and it reminds me of that. I am also running and have been training for a half marathon, and I found this is an excellent breakfast with a tablespoon of almond butter.  It holds me on the 10-12 mile runs. It gives me the energy and protein that I need without being heavy.  I also love to serve it with a  savory roasted garlic white bean dip. I love the contrasting flavors of  sweet and savory foods.  You can serve it with anything, and you can also play around with ingredients.  You can add any herbs or spice, and you can change the flours.  I just love the taste of teff and quinoa.  But, I have used millet, oat, and sorghum.  Use your imagination and have fun with it. It is a versatile and easy bread alternative.



½ cup quinoa flour

½ cup teff flour

½ cup gluten free oats

½ cup raisins or cranberries

1 tablespoon flax seeds

2 teaspoons cinnamon

1 teaspoon sea salt

1 – 1 ¼ cup cold water


In a medium mixing bowl add flours, oats, raisins, flax seeds, cinnamon, and sea salt.


Mix well using a wooden spoon.

Add water a half cup at a time, mixing well in between additions.

The batter should be pancake consistency, a little on the thicker side.


One cup of water is perfect for this recipe. But, again it depends on the type of flours you use.

Scoop 1/3 cup of batter into a non-stick frying pan.


Mix the batter on the bottom of the pan using your hand to make a circle.

You can make it as big as the bottom of the pan, or the size of a small pancake.

Cook 2-3 minutes and flip with a spatual when done.


Transfer the cooked flatbread to a cooling wirerack.


Remove the pan off the heat when the keecha is on the wirerack, to cool in between.

Repeat the process until the batter has been cooked.

This recipe will yield 4 small pancake size keecha.

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2 thoughts on “Oat Raisin Keecha (Ethiopian Flatbread)

  1. I love Ethiopian food and their flat bread (LOVE injera) so have bookmarked this to try!

    • Hi!

      I’m glad that you will be trying it, and that you love Ethiopian food. Keecha has a different consistency and texture than injera.
      You can play with different flours, seeds,and spices. It’s very easy to make and very filling. I look forward to hearing how it turns out for you, and what ingredients that you used.


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